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Ha Giang - Cao Bang 5 days 4 nights

Giá: 5 days 4 nights
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Ha Giang - Cao Bang 5 days 4 nights

5 days 4 nights

Day 01 Ha Giang- Heaven Gate- Quan Ba pass-yen Minh - Vuong palace - Dong Van

Today we will drive 145 kms.  You will be provided with time to walk around and soak in the atmosphere of the surroundings. This trip aims to highlight the culture and lifestyle of the Mong people. 

Here is the general idea behind this days route: 

The first main stop will be the Heaven's Gate. An amazing site which is 1500m above sea level. From this height, it offers a glimpse of what is about to come. The greenery, the typical winding roads, the yellow colour of ripening rice terraces; all of which only help to temp your wanderlust and sense of adventure!

At our next stop, Quan Ba, you can see the famous Angel Twin mountains. This is like a meeting place of the sun, the mountain and the forest, setting a scene for any poets to fall in love with. 

Our tour group will have lunch in a small restaurant in Yen Minh. 

After the lunch break, we will drive down Ha Giang, 15 km west from Dong Van, to visit the Vuong palace. It was once home to a powerful Tribal King in the early 20th century.  It was also declared  a National Cultural Heritage by the government in 1993. Please take the time to walk around the site , to gaze at the beautifully crafted wooden structure which has survived two wars. If you come in spring, you will enjoy being surrounded by peach blooms lining the complex. It is like everything in vietnam, history goes hand in hand with beauty.

After this short immersion in history,we will be on our way. We will reach Dong Van at 5pm. You will be in a homestay with a local family for the night.  Expect the same warm friendly treatment from our host. Dinner will be served immediately after the shower. After dinner, you can rest in your own comfortable bed or  you can join me for a hot cup of tea to reminisce about our day.     

Day 2 : Dong Van - Ma Pi Leng pass- Meo Vac- Du Gia.

Today we will drive through the Ma Pi Leng Pass, which is considered the "King" of Vietnam's passes. The pass’s first 20 km is along Happiness Road, which was constructed through the combined effort from the indigenous people and is known as the Romance Road.  In Meo Vac you can see one of the most stunning landscapes in the country! Steep mountain ranges rise into the sky. The mountains look like cat ears! On beautiful days, one can be caught between the majestic heaven and earth with gentle mist rolling from the high mountains down to the fiercely green Nho Que river. No matter the angle, the scenery offers a unique look for once in a lifetime selfies that will no doubt rouse jealousy from the people at home. If you come around springtime, you will be filled with the natural beauty of peaches and plum blossoms. No matter when you come, Meo Vat promises  unforgettable experiences! 

After arriving in Du Gia, you will have lunch with a family of Tay people. Where you can sample the unique local cuisine. If you are lucky, you might get to try the home grown tomatoes with a unique flavour. At the end of the day, we have planned a well deserved surprise for you. We will bike to Ngoc Long, where we will row our boats to a secret hideout. You will not be able to resist jumping into the private oasis for a cool dip. Imagine sinking and being as one with nature after a day of wonders. Feeling refreshed, we will take you back to the warm welcome of our homestay family.

We have carefully selected a home stay to reflect the life of the Tay’s people for your enjoyment. Their lives are at one with mother nature. The food that they have lovingly prepared are either home grown or from the mountains. 

Day 3 Du Gia-bao lac We will start early, we will be driving about 138km from Du Gia to Bao lac. On the way we will stop to take pictures of the river, rice fields, green mountain and visit Tay village. We will have lunch on the way and by 5:00 pm we will be in Bao lac

Day 4 Bao lac – Ban gioc waterfall (ban doc) After breakfast, we will happily drive to the Chinese border to visit one of the best pass of Cao bang (Me pia pass). We will have lunch on the way. After lunch,and we will head to the homestay (near the waterfall).

Day 5 Ban gioc - god eyes mountain – Cao bang- ha noi In the morning, we will go to visit the waterfall and go to god eye mountain for lunch. On the way, we will take some small stops for pics and go to cao bang will wait for your bus to ha noi

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