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What needs to bring? What can you do with your luggage?

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What needs to bring? What can you do with your luggage?


How does the loop start?

After coming from Ha Noi or Sa Pa, if you book the bus with us then the bus will drop you off at our homestay, name and address: Garden Villa homestay, 10 Nguyen Trai Street. If you take the bus by yourself then you tell the driver to stop at our homestay: the homestay opened 24 hours every day so you can check in easily.

You will have a free-sleeping night and breakfast at 8 AM in our restaurant. After that, we will start the tour.


What needs to bring?

  • Warm clothes if you come during this period of time (October to March)
  • Swimwear during summer time (May- September)
  • Trekking shoes

We provide you raincoats, rain trousers, arm and knee protection.

Do you need to bring towels and sheets?

No, we provide towels and sheets in the homestay. We also have samples of soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. 

What can you do with your luggage?

If you have big bags or suitcases, you can leave them in our office. You carry small bags with you on tour. If you don’t have small bags, we can loan you one.

When is the trip finished?

The trip will end before 4 PM so you can take the limousine bus at 4 PM. Send us a text if you want to book it !

What type of food is there ? Do you have vegetarian options ?

The food served during the loop is Vietnamese and Western food. We have vegetarian options. If you have any allergies, don’t forget to tell our team! 

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