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My name is Bambi or Mr. Tee.  I love my traditional local Giay culture and sharing it with others. There is nothing I like better than to share stories with fellow travellers over a cup of good highland  tea.  There is only one thing I want, and that is to make your stay as enjoyable and special as possible!

This area has many different local ethnic groups.   Giay, Tay, Mong and Dao are just a few of the local groups whose culture you will be experiencing during the tour.  As our team are all locals, they not only know the culture, they are part of the culture.

*Are you planning to explore Ha Giang? Are you looking to complete one of the world’s best motorbike loops; the Ha GiangLoop ? Are you looking for the best option together with mind boggling  experience


Come to Bambi travel! We can provide all of that and more

Why should you go with Bambi Travel?

* What about us?

Every member of our very experienced; friendly and welcoming team is able to provide you with an enriched experience while delivering a unique and unfiltered insight into the country life of Vietnam.  As locals themselves, our tour leaders are able to unlock the true unique scenic and cultural experiences that Ha Giang has to offer.   Our tours include homestays where you can really get to know and understand the indigenous people and share their culture.

The beauty of the region will entice your wandering spirit, and you will be amazed by what you see and learn during your tour.  Ha Giang is truly a beautiful place with a  rich history, beautiful scenery and a long, proud tradition and culture. Our team has designed our tours so each client can get the most out of the experience.  Whether it be enjoying delicious local cuisine, marvelling at the magnificent scenery, meeting local villagers,  or just enjoying the freedom that is travel.   We can guarantee that you will be able to see the special and unique beauty that is the Vietnam countryside. We can’t wait to see you!

How can Bambi Travel keep this promise? 

We believe the best way to immerse our clients into this rich culture is to avoid the more touristy trails. We take you to places that other companies do not go. By travelling high into the mountains and along village roads, you will get to really witness the culture through an unfiltered lens while also meeting and getting to know many of the locals.